Upcoming Hearings

Assistance with access to VGCCC hearings
Participants for matters scheduled for hearing in person at the VGCCC hearing room may request assistance with access to the hearing including translation services, physical assistance and videoconference because of:
  • Communication issues
  • Health issues
  • Physical mobility
  • Wellbeing, safety and security
  • Location
  • Other access issues
Members of the public may request access to observe a hearing by videoconference rather than attend in person.
If you have any special requirements to help you participate in an in-person hearing, please contact the VGCCC Secretariat prior to the hearing date.
Should you wish to participate via videoconference, please contact the VGCCC Secretariat and discuss your options with them.
Requests should be made as soon as possible before the hearing by email to secretariat@vgccc.vic.gov.au or by phone on 1300 599 759.