Gaming Machine Entitlements / 1.0 Amending Entitlement Conditions

1.0 Amending Entitlement Conditions

Under section 3.4A.5(4) of the Gambling Regulation Act 2003 every gaming machine entitlement allocated by the Minister has a condition that specifies the region or municipal district in which gaming may be conducted under that entitlement (a geographic area condition) and a condition that specifies the type of approved venue (either club or hotel) in which gaming may be conducted under that entitlement (a venue condition).
A venue operator may request an amendment to the geographic area condition or venue condition of their gaming machine entitlement.

An application to change the geographic area condition or venue condition requires the venue operator to lodge with the Commission an amendment of a geographic area/venue condition application form (PDF: 308KB).

The application form must be completed by the authorised officer or nominee on behalf of the venue operator.

An applicant may nominate a date for the amendment to take effect from and the reason for this date being requested. Please note that a requested date for amendment is not automatically guaranteed and the Commission may approve the amendment effective from another date. If no date is nominated, the amendment will take effect from the date the Commission makes its decision.

Please check the VGCCC website for further information.

You will be advised in writing of the outcome of the Commission’s decision concerning your application. If the Commission approves the amendment, you will receive a 'Notice of Approved Amendment of Gaming Machine Entitlement Condition' detailing the gaming machine entitlement/s where the conditions have been approved for amendment.

For more information, please view the amendment of gaming machine entitlement conditions information sheet (PDF: 354KB).