Gaming Machine Entitlements / 4.0 Transfer of Entitlements

4.0 Transfer of Entitlements

The first step an entitlement holder must take when wanting to transfer their entitlement/s is to advertise on the Entitlement transfer market using their allocated username and chosen password.
Entitlements can only be transferred to another licensed venue operator.

Venue operators who wish to transfer gaming machine entitlements must advertise the availability of the entitlements on the VGCCC transfer market website except where:

1. transfer of the entitlement is integral to the sale of a gaming business;
2. the transfer is between venue operators who are ‘related bodies corporate’ under the Corporations Act 2001 (Commonwealth); or
3. is the subject of concluded negotiations for sale or is not intended to be entered into with an unrelated purchaser on the open market; or
4. in circumstances otherwise determined by the VGCCC.

Operators can advertise by other means also providing these do not involve, or attempt to involve, the completion of the transaction (e.g. eBay)

If a venue operator meets one of the exceptions above, the intention to transfer the entitlements to the specified buyer must be notified on the VGCCC transfer market website by the seller prior to the transfer being recorded by the VGCCC.

Negotiations around price between the two venue operators may take place in private.

Once a venue operator decides who to sell their entitlement to, they must apply to VGCCC through the transfer application form found in the Entitlement transfer market.

The venue operator transferring the entitlements must pay the prescribed fee when applying.

For more information, please view the Gaming machine entitlements information sheet or Transfer of gaming machine entitlements information sheet on the Gaming machine entitlements page of the website.