Venue Operator's Licence / 2.0 Include or Remove Premises

2.0 Include or Remove Premises

Once a venue operator’s licence is obtained, a venue operator may add or remove an ‘approved premises’ to or from this licence.
Approved premises are those on which gaming is proposed to be conducted and that have been approved by the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission (VGCCC) as suitable for gaming.

Venue operators applying to include approved premises in its licence must complete, and submit to the VGCCC, the Application to include or remove approved premises. Venue operators applying to remove approved premises from its licence should also complete and submit this application.

Circumstances that may require a venue operator to apply to remove approved premises from its licence include:
  • the sale of an approved venue to another party
  • a change in the liquor licence status
  • a change in tenure status or the lapse or cessation of an agreement between the owner of an approved premises and the holder of a venue operator’s licence to conduct gaming at the venue.

Under the Gambling Regulation Act 2003, it is a condition of a venue operator’s licence that the licensee notifies the VGCCC of any premises to be removed from the licence within 14 days of the change taking place. It is important that the VGCCC is notified of any premises to be removed from a venue operator's licence in order to maintain the accuracy of the licence. Failure to notify the VGCCC of the removal of any premises from a venue operator’s licence may result in a fine of up to 60 penalty units, and/or disciplinary action being taken against the venue operator.