Venue Operator's Licence / 7.0 Community Benefit Statements

7.0 Community Benefit Statements

Community benefit statements provide the framework for reporting expenditure on community benefits by club and racing club venue operators that receive gaming revenue in a financial year.
The Ministerial Order dated 28 June 2012 shows the activities and purposes that constitute community purposes. The Community benefit statement frequently asked questions provide more detailed explanation about community benefit statement requirements and examples of community benefit claims that fit with the Minister’s Determination dated 28 June 2012.

It is up to club venue operators to collect and record the information that is needed to complete the community benefit statement, and for club venue operators and their auditors to ensure the validity and accuracy of the community benefits they claim to have provided.

In July each year, the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission (VGCCC) notifies club venue operators of their username and password for online lodgement of community benefit statements. If you have not received your username and password or if you are uncertain as to what you can claim as a community benefit, please contact the VGCCC.

Community benefit statements must be submitted to the VGCCC by 30 September in respect of the financial year just ended.

Further information is available at Community benefit statement.