1.2 Bingo

Bingo is a form of ‘minor gaming’ where players receive a ticket (or tickets) with randomly numbered squares. Players mark off the numbers as they are randomly drawn and announced. The aim depends on the version of bingo being played. To win, a player must be the first to mark off all numbers in a pattern (usually a line vertical, horizontal or diagonally) on their ticket and call ‘bingo’, ‘pattern’ or make an audible noise or have another person make the call on his or her behalf.

Bingo is allowed for the benefit of community and charitable organisations when approved by the VGCCC, it is also permitted for Commercial purposes if the appropriate licence is held.

You must be of or older than 18 years to play Bingo.

For further information on Bingo or being declared by the VGCCC please refer to the
Bingo page on the VGCCC website.