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2.11 Responsible Gambling Register

In accordance with the requirements of their SEP a venue must have established processes in place to ensure that all responsible gambling related matters are recorded in a responsible gambling register. All relevant staff should be informed of the register, where it is located in the venue and how to use it.

The responsible gambling register should have the provision to record all of the following information:
    (a) the date and time of the occurrence

    (b) the names of employees who observed or dealt with the matter

    (c) the name of the customer involved (if available)

    (d) a description of what occurred

    (e) the details of any documentation completed or received by gaming venue staff that relate to the matter

    (f) the action taken, comments made by any relevant party or details of any follow-up action required or agreed to

    (g) confirmation of venue sign-off of the matter by a senior representative such as the responsible gambling officer, nominee or manager.

The customer’s right to privacy and confidentiality should always be respected in relation to a responsible gambling matter. Only licensed gaming industry employees, Victoria Police and VGCCC Inspectors should be provided with access to the register. The register must be made available at all times to VGCCC Inspectors upon request.

Responsible Gambling Register Fact Sheet