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1.09 Responsible gambling officer

A venue operator must nominate responsible gambling officers for its approved venue(s).
A responsible gambling officer must be available in the gaming machine area at all times gaming machines are available for gaming.

A venue operator must display prominently in the gaming machine area a notice advising that a responsible gambling officer is available for assistance at all times.

A responsible gambling officer must take all reasonable steps to:

    (a) monitor the gaming machine area and ensure compliance with the Act, regulations and this code;

    (b) ensure that staff record responsible gambling incidents and interventions in the responsible gambling register;

    (c) observe customers who display behaviour that is consistent with gambling harm and provide assistance as necessary;

    (d) provide advice to staff about gambling harm and how to respond to signs of gambling harm: and

    (e) respond to customer enquiries and complaints about the supply of gambling in the approved venue.

A responsible gambling officer must complete prescribed responsible service of gambling training, if any.

Ministerial Direction - Responsible Gambling Codes of Conduct