Responsible Gambling / 2.0 Self-Exclusion Program / 2.01 Requirement to have a Self-Exclusion Program

2.01 Requirement to have a Self-Exclusion Program

Section 3.4.12A of the Gambling Regulation Act 2003 (the Act) makes it compulsory for Venue Operator Licence holders to have a SEP in place that complies with—

    (a) regulations made for or with respect to Part 4B in Schedule 1 of the Act; and

(b) the direction under section 10.6.1(1) of the Act.

Note that the Australian Hotels Association and Clubs Victoria currently conduct SEPs on behalf of all venue operators. A copy of these SEPs and a list of those venues that have adopted each of these SEPs may be found here:

gaming venue operator self-exclusion-programs