Venue Operational Requirements / 08. Events, Faults and Malfunctions / 8.6 Substantial / large wins over $10,000

Venue Operational Requirements

8.6 Substantial / large wins over $10,000

A win greater than $10,000 must cause the gaming machine to enter a lock-up mode. The gaming machine may be re-activated after a software verification check is completed by the central monitoring and control system (Intralot Gaming Services (IGS) iGEM system).

A substantial win is the winning of a prize greater than or equal to the VGCCC specified limit, which is $10,000. The prize amount is defined as the grand total of all winnings for all game elements, including jackpot prize wins. Thus multiple part games such as those with free game sequences, bonus sequences, gamble or other such features are to have their total winnings added, regardless of whether partial transfer to the credit meter has occurred or not. After all of these game elements, if that sum of winnings is greater than or equal to $10,000 this play is considered a substantial win.

The gaming machine may be re-activated after appropriate audit procedures have been completed but only after a gaming machine signature check is completed and verified by the IGS iGEM system. Note that in the de-activated state the gaming machine may not continue game play nor pay the credit balance to the player via a collect, cancel credit, ticket print or other such means until a gaming attendant has cleared the win at the gaming machine.

Further information can be found on the Technical Standards web page, where you will need to refer to the following:
Also refer to the Intralot Gaming Services (IGS) Venue Procedures Manual for further instructions.

Industry participants can also access a Large Win Payouts Register template via the following link Large Win Payouts Register (PDF: 60KB). Venues may wish to produce their own documents. This template indicates the minimum details required in a suggested format.