Venue Operational Requirements

2.05 Layout of gaming machines

Gaming machines must be positioned within the gaming machine area:
    • to allow sufficient access to exits, fire exits, cashier, bar, toilets and respite seating
    • to allow a minimum distance of 2 metres between banks of machines where chairs are provided, and 1.5 metres between banks of machines without chairs; and 1.5 metres between a bank of machines and a wall (or window)
    • that there is at least 21 cm between gaming machines and a gaming machine and wall or pillar, to allow sufficient space for—
        1. display and access to the “talker” (for more information on talkers see Gambling Regulations 2015) at the side of each machine
        2. accessing/inspecting the Commission-issued identification number
        3. accessing the audit key mechanism
        4. regular cleaning and gaming machine maintenance.
These requirements are in addition to any non-gaming regulations or statutes, including any obligations in place under a State of Emergency or State of Disaster.