Venue Operational Requirements / 01. Approval of premises for gaming / 1.3 Modification of gaming machine area

Venue Operational Requirements

1.3 Modification of gaming machine area

A venue operator must not modify a gaming machine area (GMA) in an approved venue without our prior approval unless we have identified the changes as "low risk".
For a list of "low risk" modifications that do not need prior approval, see alterations to gaming machine areas

If you are unsure if your modification is low risk, you should contact us

The following are NOT considered low risk modifications:
    • any increase or decrease in the number of installed gaming machines
    • any change to the size or location of the GMA
    • any change to the GMA perimeter.

When deciding whether to approve applications to modify a GMA, The VGCCC will consider the size, layout and facilities of the approved venue plus any other matter that the VGCCC considers relevant.

The VGCCC may approve or refuse your application. The approval may come with or without conditions.

For more information, see section 3.3.16 of the Gambling Regulation Act 2003

We will also consider certain matters as directed by the responsible Minister including where the premises contains:

For more information, see
We will only accept applications to modify a GMA via the Online Gambling Services Portal