Venue Operational Requirements / 05. Patrons / 5.1 Patron Access to Gaming

Venue Operational Requirements

5.1 Patron Access to Gaming

A venue operator, during any period in which the venue operator offers gaming to a person, must allow members of the public aged 18 and over unfettered access to the gaming areas of the venue, subject to:
    • the Gambling Regulation Act 2003 (the Act)
    • any conditions on the venue operator’s licence
    • any rules the Commission may make under section 3.5.23 of the Act.

These requirements are in addition to any non-gaming regulations or statutes, including any obligations in place under a State of Emergency or State of Disaster.

However, the venue operator may:
    • impose and enforce a code of dress that is reasonable in the circumstances (and not inconsistent with any dress code the Commission may impose);
    • exclude from the venue a person whose behaviour would be unacceptable in a public place;
    • exclude from the venue a person who has sought to be excluded from gaming venues under a voluntary self-exclusion scheme;
    • exclude a person engaged in syndicate play.

See Rule 3 of the Commission Rules

See Responsible Gambling Chapter 2.0 Self-Exclusion Program