Venue Operational Requirements

7.05 Jackpot Information

Jackpot information must be provided on each gaming machine that is part of a linked jackpot arrangement.

See the definition of 'electronic game information' on page 3 of the Gambling Regulations 2015

A venue operator must not allow a gaming machine to be played if it does not function in the manner in which it was designed and programmed to function, and this includes a gaming machine that incorrectly displays that it is or isn’t part of a linked jackpot arrangement, or does not provide the relevant player information about the jackpot.

If a gaming machine ceases to be part of a linked jackpot arrangement, but can still be played, it must have a sign on it warning players that the gaming machine is, for the time being, not contributing to the linked jackpot arrangement.

See section 3.5.21 of the Gambling Regulation Act 2003.
See Chapter 08 – Events, Faults and Malfunctions

Industry participants can access, via the following link, templates to Gaming Machine Event Register (PDF: 63KB) and Suspected Malfunction of a Gaming Machine Form (PDF: 58KB). Venue operators may wish to produce their own documents. However, these templates indicate the minimum details required in a suggested format.