Venue Operational Requirements

2.06 Gaming machine bases

The VGCCC must consider the size, layout and facilities of the gaming machine area (GMA) and any other matter considered relevant when assessing the GMA layout of an approved venue.

Gaming machine bases are an important and relevant factor in considering the layout of a GMA.

When installing gaming machines, venue operators should have regard to the following guidelines:
  • Gaming machine bases must be sturdy and able to support, at a minimum, the weight of a gaming machine (and jackpot sign). This includes any additional weight that may be applied, e.g., patrons leaning on the machine.
  • A gaming machine must sit in its entirety on the base that supports it, i.e. no part of the bottom of the gaming machine, except for the coin tray, must extend past the base on which they are positioned. The gaming machine must be securely attached to the base.
  • Gaming machine bases must be constructed to provide a secure and stable environment for data communications and electrical cables.
  • Where a gaming machine base contains a cash box, a locking mechanism must be attached.