Venue Operational Requirements

2.08 Gaming machine identification numbers

Each gaming machine must have a unique identification number issued for it by the VGCCC. The VGCCC may, at any time after the initial issue of an identification number for a gaming machine, issue a new identification number for that gaming machine.

Manufacturers, suppliers and testers

The VGCCC maintains a register of approved manufacturers, suppliers and testers, referred to as roll listees. Gaming machine identification numbers are issued to roll listees via an Online Gambling Services Portal, accessible from the VGCCC website.

Venue operators

A venue operator must not possess a gaming machine unless there is securely affixed an identification number label on one internal and one external surface of the cabinet of the gaming machine.

This label must show the identification number issued by the VGCCC and any other information that is considered appropriate.

A person must not service, maintain or repair a gaming machine that does not have affixed to it an identification number issued by the VGCCC.
For more information, see section 3.5.8 of the Gambling Regulation Act 2003.

A person must not remove, alter or otherwise interfere with:
    • the manufacturer's identification plate or serial number of a gaming machine;
    • the identification label (showing the ID number issued by the Commission) affixed to a machine under section 3.5.8 of the Act.

For more information, see section 3.5.11(m) and (n) of the Gambling Regulation Act 2003