Venue Operational Requirements

7.10 Non-Acceptance of Invalid Banknote

A gaming machine must incorporate a facility which will disable the banknote acceptor if an invalid banknote is inserted ten times and the screen must display the message “Excessive Banknote rejects”.

See section 6.75, Table 1 of the Australian/New Zealand Gaming Machine National Standard 2016.

A venue operator must not allow a gaming machine to be played if it does not function in the manner in which it was designed and programmed to function, and this includes a gaming machine that does not comply with the requirement mentioned above.

See section 3.5.21 of the Gambling Regulation Act 2003. See Chapter 08 – Events,

Faults and Malfunctions

Industry participants can access, via the following link, templates to Gaming Machine Event Register (PDF: 63KB) and Suspected Malfunction of a Gaming Machine Form (PDF: 58KB). Venues may wish to produce their own documents. These templates indicate the minimum details required in a suggested format.