Venue Operational Requirements

2.10 Venue environmental limits

Gaming and monitoring equipment requires a stable environment in which to operate. It is a venue operator’s responsibility to ensure that the venue environment provides for:
    • venue electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection
    • an acceptable temperature and humidity range
    • power supply quality including filters and conditioners.

    • the temperature in all areas where gaming equipment is installed, at all times must be between 10 degrees and 40 degrees Celsius (ambient still air)
    • the relative humidity range in all areas where gaming equipment is installed must be between 15 to 85 per cent
    • all floor coverings near gaming machines / gaming equipment must have ongoing anti-static properties to protect against build up of ESD
    • ESD must be no more than 1,500 volts in any area where gaming equipment is installed.

Gaming equipment must not be operated where:
    • the environment provided does not comply with the Australian/New Zealand Gaming Machine National Standard, or the Victorian Appendix to the national standard (together constituting the Commission's Standards for gaming machine types and games) or
    • the environment provided does not comply with any manufacturer's specifications additional to the above, where defined or
    • environmental factors are likely to impact on the operation of the equipment or are likely to cause the equipment to malfunction, fail or otherwise not operate in a safe and proper manner.