Gaming Machine Entitlements / 3.0 Forfeiture of Entitlements

3.0 Forfeiture of Entitlements

Entitlements will be forfeited if:

    · the entitlement holder is no longer a licensed venue operator; or
    · the entitlement holder has not complied with the payment requirements as outlined in the Entitlement Related Agreement for Payment; or
    · the entitlement holder fails to use the entitlements within the relevant holding period.

Licensed Venue Operators
A venue operator can only hold entitlements if it is currently licensed. Any entitlements held by a venue operator are forfeited if the venue operator’s licence is cancelled, surrendered or is not renewed by the expiry date.

Non-compliance with Payment Requirements
Any entitlements held by a venue operator are forfeited if the venue operator fails to meet its payment requirements. Venue operators should pay the full amount owing for each scheduled payment on or before the due date.

Fail to use
A venue operator who purchases entitlements has six (6) months to use the entitlements. Should the venue operator not be able to use the entitlements they may apply to the Commission to extend the relevant holding period. Failure to utilise or seek and extension will result in forfeiture of the relevant entitlements.

Penalties for entitlements that are forfeited
    · All amounts owing at the date of forfeiture become immediately due and payable to the State. This includes all future payments, penalty interest and prescribed fees.
    · The State will be able to reallocate the entitlements through the transfer scheme.
    · The State will pass on to the original entitlement holder the amount obtained for the entitlement on transfer, less any amounts owing to the State, any prescribed fees and any fines imposed by the State.
    · For more information, please view the forfeiture of gaming machine entitlements information sheet (PDF: 347KB).