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Venue Operational Requirements

5.4 Patron Disputes

In the event of a dispute over a refusal to pay a prize (circumstances may relate to a suspected gaming machine malfunction or a dispute over the application of the game rules), a venue operator must resolve the dispute in accordance with dispute resolution procedures which have been approved by the Commission.

Industry participants can access further information via the following link to the Commission approved Dispute Resolution Procedures (PDF: 83KB).

Industry participants can also access, via the following links, templates for Patron Dispute Form (PDF: 65KB), Game Play Recall Information Form (PDF: 60KB) and Suspected Malfunction of a Gaming Machine Form (PDF: 58KB). Venues may wish to produce their own documents. These templates indicate the minimum details required in a suggested format.

Refer to sections 3.5.20(3) and 3.5.23(1)(f) of the Gambling Regulation Act 2003